About Us

Founded in 2010, Timbro is moved by constant innovation, dynamism, risk management and delivery of results.

We created in record time in Brazil, a solid and balanced flow of foreign trade by improving the already successful international model of worldwide trading companies. A model that was unheard in Brazil until Timbro’s foundation.

We are one of Brazil’s biggest importers to third parties, and we take our country to the world by exporting agricultural commodities and metals on large scale. Additionally, we also distribute ferrous and non-ferrous metals to supply Brazilian demands.

This diversity of business gives us knowledge in different areas and in every step of the international trade flow, and through this knowledge we can provide the best solutions to our clients and suppliers’ operations, creating more value and reducing the costs in different stages of the operation. Internally, we make the “time go faster” by assuring punctuality when interacting with the world.